What do we offer?

Clip Clap-English for Kids wants to guarantee the quality of teaching and thus, it offers schools its own unique materials created especially for our students and an introductory training course for all teachers who will use the Clip Clap-English for Kids method in their classrooms.



All of the Clip Clap-English for kids’ material is unique. The colours of the illustrations are dynamic and harmonic, something which makes the material very stimulating for our students.

Clip Clap-English for Kids provides the teacher and each student with all of the necessary materials.

The resources that we provide are designed to allow the use of the target language during every minute of class.

All of the material that the method uses is only sold directly to centres registered in the teacher training course of Clip Clap-English for Kids. In doing this, we want to guarantee that all of the resources that are provided are used correctly in each and every classroom.



Clip Clap-English for Kids offers teacher training.

In order to guarantee the correct application of the Clip Clap-English for Kids method, all teachers who give English classes with our methodology must participate in an introductory training course of 4 hours at their centre or school.

Optionally Clip Clap-English for Kids also offers: pedagogic assessment throughout the academic year and workshops for families.

Clip Clap-English for Kids is constantly updated on the latest developments in language teaching and early year stimulation.