What is it?

Clip Clap-English for Kids is an effective method for teaching English to children from the age of 1 year through the use of stories which are very close to the students and their interests.
Clip Clap-English for Kids is intended to start meaningful learning of English in their students in a natural manner and in a way that is similar to how a mother tongue is acquired.

This active, fun, participative, flexible, and stimulating methodology has innovated the field of English education for children at an early age. The tested material that the method incorporates has been created by an English teacher specialised in Nursery and Primary School Education. It was created based on real classroom needs, a fact that guarantees the success of our students.

More than 10 years of experience has shown that students who have learned another language before the age of 3 have many more capabilities in this new language since they learn the sound, rhythm, and structure of the language during a period when they are sensitive to language learning. As a result, they learn it in a more natural manner.

Being aware of the fact that the situation inside the classroom is not natural nor spontaneous as it is in learning a first language, Clip Clap-English for Kids provides teachers with a great deal of unique resources that provide the opportunity to use, live, and experiment with this new language constantly both at school and at home.