Who is it for?

Clip Clap-English for kids is made up of three different methodological blocks adapted to the evolutionary and cognitive development of the students.


Clip Clap- Young Learners: is for toddlers at Nursery School (1-2 years old).

Nursery School (1-2 years old): During these two courses, our learners work from stories based on different topics, beginning with those referring to themselves as individuals and later to their environment. Toddlers start to do things by themselves. It is the age when they start to eat and get dressed by themselves, and they stop wearing nappies
Clip Clap-Young Learners takes advantage of these situations in order to help reinforce the children’s’ independence, working with stories that address these topics and doing it in English.


Clip Clap- Growing up: for students at Pre-School (3-4-5 years old).

Pre-School (3-4-5 years old): Clip Clap-Growing up works through contextualized stories of real and everyday situations so that our students can identify with the characters and therefore, become the true main characters of the stories. Through the characters’ dialogue in the stories, we provide out students with expressions, relevant vocabulary, and linguistic structures in English. In this way, they learn blocks of language perfectly structured and full of complete contextualized meaning, something which allows them to make creative use of the language.


Clip Clap- Start Reading: for students in the first two years of Primary School (6-7 years old).

Primary School (6-7 years old): Clip Clap-Start Reading continues working with contextualized stories in real and everyday situations and making use of the characters’ dialogues to introduce the students to learning reading and writing skills. This is done without neglecting all of their work in oral comprehension and expression, which is equally important in language learning and essential in these early years.