Clip Clap-English for Kids is a comprehensive method based on the motivation of the students, stimulating them through games, songs and stories that are introduced by the main characters. It creates situations in English through which the students will be able to maximize the development of their linguistic abilities to communicate in this language.

All of the activities have the use of the language as their main objective. We seek to create the need to use the target language in every situation.

The students, along with our friendly characters, are seen immersed in a series of daily situations in which English is used from the first minute of class.

These original stories are those which provide the opportunity to create classes that are dynamic, participative, motivating, and age-appropriate, and with the guarantee of a well-rounded language education.

We want to create the need for our students to communicate, assuring that learning the new language is totally contextualized and making it something more than memorizing a simple list of unrelated words.


Why Clip Clap-English for Kids?

  • Better oral comprehension: The students must determine the meaning of different situations that are addressed in class from the first recognizable stimulus and those introduced in the stories.
  • In order to achieve the best pronunciation, intonation, and rhythm of English, it is necessary for the students to be exposed to the new language as soon as possible, since children learn even before they start using the target language.
  • Better oral expression: Clip Clap-English for Kids creates the need for students to make themselves understood in the language that they are learning. They must make the effort to communicate with the new language and as a result, they gain confidence in their use of English.
  • Grammatically correct reading and writing, are easier to learn when they have been exposed to English at an early age. Children already know a great deal about the new language without being aware of it.